The Strongwater Team

Our team is made up of backgrounds in chemistry, herbology, distilling, mixology, viticulture and zymology.  We are proud to represent such a well balanced and passionate background in the development of our line of products. 




Captain of Operations
Nicholas Andresen




Growing up in a multi cultural home, Nick’s Scandinavian and Korean grandparents instilled a passion of natural herbal remedies. With a family of doctors he quickly followed in their footsteps and studied the science of medicine as a chemist.  However, after a career in the Western pharmaceutical world he was quickly brought back to his roots here in Colorado when a group of herbalist friends reignited his passion for natural remedies. Strongwater was born when Nick’s passion for home distilling herbal Gins, the amazing palate of his wife and Sommelier Asha, and partnerships with some of the best herbalists in Colorado created a product unparalleled in the botanical cocktail world. If you don’t find Nick working you’ll find him out in the mountains rock climbing, fly fishing, or skiing.


Product Development
Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Elizabeth Winter 



Dr. Winter believes strongly that health is more than the mere absence of disease and that restoring health is a dynamic process—not simply the suppression of symptoms.  Through her medical training, Dr. Winter has come to have great appreciation for the interconnectedness of the body, mind, spirit and environment and works with her patients to restore vitality through addressing all aspects of a patient's life.




Master Mixologist
Rob Corbari



Award-winning bartender Rob Corbari is one of the most well-known bartenders in Denver. He presently manages the bar programs at Populist and Bar Fausto, two key restaurants in Denver's Rino district. Originally from Oregon, Rob has worked in bars that span the spectrum, giving him the experience that has made him one of the most creative as well as classic styles behind the bar.




Director of Sales
Jessie Stonberg



Jessie combines a fervent love for the outdoors and greening the urban landscape with a dual masters in landscape architecture and urban planning. She joined Strongwater early on after working in the field designing Denver and other cities' bicycle master plans. Jessie’s passions extend into the mountains where you will find her fly fishing, backpacking, trail running, or skiing.  




Peddler of Potions
Alex Kayir



Alexandra has been obsessed with the transformative powers of smell and taste her entire life. From her childhood experiments converting a tool shed into an herbal apothecary at 5 years old to her drive to becoming a wine sommelier, she's always followed her nose. Working in the food and beverage industry since the age of 16, her passion for fermentation and flavor has given her a vibrant resume.  A fervent supporter of local businesses, artisans, and markets, she's proud to call Colorado her home. She is honored to be a part of the Strongwater team, sharing the finest bitters and shrubs with the Rocky Mountains and beyond. When she's not creating and peddling potions, you can find Alex canoeing, skiing, or cooking up a feast for friends right from her own garden.


Danielle Solano


Hailing from Detroit, Danielle Solano is one of the young and upcoming mixologists to watch on the Denver scene. Spending the better part of a decade honing her craft behind the bar along with her deep seated knowledge of herbalism, Danielle quickly found a home with Strongwater Spirits & Botanicals. With a passion for distilled spirits and botanicals, she brings her signature culinary flair to the crafted cocktail.