By now you have most likely heard about the amazing health benefits of Turmeric.  This famous yellow colored root not only spices up curries, but can help lower blood pressure, lower levels of LDL cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and is more popularly  known as one of the best anti-inflammatories out there. From Turmeric pills, powders, and teas, most people probably haven’t heard of Turmeric liquid extractions. So why do I prefer to ingest Turmeric via liquid herbal extraction?

First of all, in order to achieve the correct health benefits of this remarkable herbal remedy, one must make sure to ingest the proper dose and in the correct method. Studies have shown that liquid herbal extracts are perhaps the most preferred method of obtaining the medicinal properties of roots, barks, and herbs.  This is because herbal extracts do not require the body to break down the medicinal properties of the herb in the stomach.  The work has already been done by the alcohol extraction and allows the body to assimilate the health benefits within minutes.

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By: Nicholas Andresen