Wild Cherry Bark

Wild cherry bark, from the tree Prunus serotina, is an old and revered herbal remedy used by Native Americans, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, and physicians practicing integrative medicine alike. Wild cherry bark is most widely known as a cough suppressant; it contains the constituent amygdalin which is widely used to assuage coughing through inhibiting the cough reflex. The constituents in wild cherry bark help to reduce inflammation, relieve spasms in smooth muscles, and act as an astringent to tissues. Due to the astringent properties of wild cherry bark, it can also be used to treat gastrointestinal disease. In fact, according to herbalist, Michael Tierra, Native Americans treated Merriweather Lewis for gastroenteritis during his famous expedition using a twig tea of wild cherry bark. Wild cherry bark can also be used topically to stop bleeding or as an eyewash for inflamed eyes. Furthermore, wild cherry bark can be used as a digestive aid, helping with common issues such as diarrhea, indigestion and gas. The plethora of benefits offered by wild cherry bark makes it a favorite amongst medical practitioners and herbalists alike.


Wild Cherry Bark is a bittering bark in this beautifully warm, rich and complex bitters - the Strongwater Amores:

By: Dr. Elizabeth Winter